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So sorry for the looonng delay on my posts!

After a lot of time, I finally decided to take a hiatus from NYC and head out west to give myself some space to really cultivate some stillness, creativity and balance. So where can be better than the infamous Brooklyn?!?! 🙂  For now, I’ve landed in Boulder, Colorado, otherwise known as “25 square miles surrounded by reality” according to Wikipedia. This summer, I’ll be spending time between the land of yoga, hiking, bike-riding, and tofu grilling and even further out west to Portland, Oregon. Not bad eh?

In the midst of constant breathing of fresh air and high altitude, I need to ground myself the best way I know how…creating a solid workspace.

I wanted to share this very easy DIY of a great workspace that will make even those of you who can barely screw a nail look like a true profess! This desk and shelf system cost about $100 total (I did use the bookshelf as a scrap, so if you include that, it’ll add about $10 extra dollars).

Here are your necessary pieces:



1. Assemble your trestles from Ikea. You can stain or paint them if you want which makes the uncoated wood so great. I left them plain.

2. Stain your table top/door. When staining, create one coat and immediately go over the stain with a dry cloth to create a white washed look. It helps to have two people when doing this part. I applied 2 coats to get the color I wanted. I didn’t use the dry cloth for the edges to get a darker cleaner finish.

3. For the shelf, I found a scrap from Home Depot and had it cut down to 12in x 80in to match the length of my desk. I found a similar colored wood as my door so that the stained finish would resemble each other. Apply the stain as you did for the door.

4. Mount the shelf brackets into the wall. If possible, make sure you are drilling into where there are studs in the wall so your shelf can hold a lot of weight! You can also paint or stain the brackets if desired.

5. Once your shelf and desk surfaces are dried, simply place them on top of the brackets or trestle and you’re good to go! You can secure the shelf more by drilling the brackets into the shelf piece.

My photos: