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Honestly, how many of you know in your gut, its not just the RIGHT thing to help the people around you, but the thing you SHOULD do. Whether it be being a good boss, a sibling, mentor, co-worker, or parent…you know deep inside, you want to be that person who can help, but faced again not feeling you have enough time, pressures of other obligations or fighting against wanting some “personal” time.

I just read this article in the NYTimes about Professor Adam Grant, who is saying success lies in the hands of those who truly help others get ahead. Guru of huge corporations like Google, Grant is the “go-to” when it comes to how to implement best practices and motivate employees within companies. This is not a spiritual path for Grant. The studies and the data show profound results and he’s here to talk about it.

So next time you are feeling like its exhausting to go out of your way to help one person, just know that you’re not just investing in their success, but ultimately, your own. So smile and be happy, at least you have that opportunity.


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