Even with all of my iphones, ipads, iMacs, iCals, I still have moments scurrying around wondering, “What is today’s date again?!!?” There is still nothing that beats having a wall calendar or a wall clock for that matter. It may be old fashion, but its been around for centuries for a reason–it works! For those of you who would rather go with a one-time investment of a lifetime wall calendar, well, today is your lucky day! Designer Massimo Vignelli has designed the Perpetual Wall Calendar for Nava Milano that will NEVER be out of date. This heavy duty, clean and well kerned design will last you for centuries and prove to you day in and day out, that a wall calendar will never beat any of your iElectronics. 🙂

$82 / 13" x 13" / ships 2-3 business days

$82 / 13″ x 13″