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If you don’t know Saimir Strati’s work, its about time you add his name to your list of inspirational artists. Strati has taken his skills of restoring archeological sits in Albania to becoming and artist with 6 Guinness World Records creating breathtaking large mosaics using materials like nails, toothpicks, corks, sea glass, eggshells, coffee bean and amount other materials. Strati continue so push limits proving that one can successfully unite traditional techniques and modern materials in today’s time. (via visual news)

-Albanian artist Strati creates a cork mosaic of a guitarist at the Sheraton Hotel in Tirana--Saimir-Strati-Mosaic-6Saimir-Strati-Mosaic-8Albanian artist Strati creates a mosaic of the late pop legend Michael Jackson in DurresSaimir-Strati-Mosaic-11Saimir-Strati-Mosaic-9