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Its here! Mercury is in retrograde and will end on August 8th. Have you been feeling it? Are you having more WTF moments with co-workers, computers, phones, partners, pretty much anything you interact with?!?! Its that wake up call to remind us that things don’t function the way we think!! Hello?!?!?

With that note, I just saw this preview for the film, Samsara which depicts the essence of what we have all been enduring this week—the ever turning cycle of life, joy and pain included. The good news is that there is something to look forward to with this version of Samsara. The film captures magnificent shots of beauty and devastations around the world, in a wonderful cinematic feature that was “photographed entirely in 70mm film utilizing both standard frame rates and with a motion control time-lapse camera designed specifically for this project.”

So aside from August 8th, there is a light to the end of the tunnel! Godspeed everyone and wear your seat belts!