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The other day, I was on the train and a wonderful woman by the name of Audrey Joy (singer/songwriter/pianist) sat next to me. Audrey is blind, but it didn’t seem to inconvenience her one bit. She walked onto that train and sat right down and pulled out her NY Times weekly paper just like any other person would. I was taken away by her sense of confidence, but what really did it for me was her beautiful 11×11 white braille magazine she was reading. I couldn’t help but ask if she would be willing to share some with me, and like any other person, she handed me her business card and told me to email her. (not the response i expected!) Yesterday, I was delighted when I came home to find a package from Audrey of a collection of magazines ranging from the NY Times, Popular Communications, NYT Book Review and get this, Playboy. Who knew?

To me, these pages of braille are more stunning than any textile patterns I’ve ever seen–and the fact they are creating letters and words makes it even more magical. I later found out Audrey is the  director of a non-profit called AJL Music which brings after school music programs to urban youths throughout the New York area. I think there’s a really good story here people…any film makers out there?