Draw Attention



Ever scrambling for that piece of paper to sketch out an idea in the pool your tech gadgets? Search no more with this great new product on the market, Draw Attention. Starting at $12 for this add on piece, you can now combine your need for writing things down with that laptop you can’t seem to escape from. Check it out and let me know what you think! (via CoolHunting)



Change of pace


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After over a decade of being a graphic designer, art director and a marketer, I’ve decided to funnel my energy into yet, another endeavor. I wanted to create something that does good in the world. So…here it is. UME, a social enterprise that focuses on good first and goods second. I designed the clothing myself and manufactured it all locally. The company is designed to support young women’s education in developing countries. Check it out and let me know what you think, I’d love your feedback and support. Thanks all!

ume launch


Make Your Mark



99U is releasing their last book in their three-part book series called, “Make Your Mark” available for pre-order online! For those of you who don’t know 99U, you should check them out. Co-founded by CH and Behance, the organization has a wealth of advice, strategies, stories and inspiration for the business/creative minds of the world. If you are unable to attend their annual two day conference, definitely follow them online. They have great videos, talks, podcast and books like this one that are worth the read.


Back in NY


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After taking a short year and a half break from NYC and living in Boulder, Colorado, I’m happy to say I’m back and ready to re-engage with the city. When I lived in Williamsburg, I used to watch graffiti artist Greg Lamarche work on a mural outside my building. He is now being featured by J.Crew on a collaboration for their Williamsburg store launch. Love Lamarche in Brooklyn, but how do we feel about J.Crew coming into the hood? (click below to watch “Over and Over Again”.)

J.Crew on Film: "over and over again"

The scoop on Warby Parker


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Many of us know of Warby Parker and those of you who don’t, its time to put them on your list of “Need to Know.” Revolutionizing a market that’s been around for ages, Warby Parker brings an innovative way to shop, buy and give back in the world of eyewear. Neil Blumenthal speaks at 99U about what he learned and continues to learn as an entrepreneur in this world. (click here to watch)

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